• Individual License: 150€/ US $180. If you are an individual supervisor, educator, or researcher and want to train yourself, or just challenge your assumptions regarding doctoral supervision, the full-access license will allow you to play the three levels of Superwisor and access all the resources to learn and improve your practices as a doctoral supervisor.

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  • 10+ Licenses: 20% off. For business schools and universities, we provide a 20% discount for all purchases of 10 or more licenses. We recommend playing the game with a group of ten or more thesis advisors and providing space for debates and discussion. At the group level, Superwisor becomes a means to share practices and ideas and can trigger very interesting discussions.

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  • Training Pack: 3000€/ US $3,450. In addition to the individual licenses, you may want to have the support of one member of the GEM Superwisor team to animate a day of training with a team of faculty members. We will be happy to share practices and open debates about pastoral care, academic guidance, team supervision, and publications and co-authorship.

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