To Be Released Soon! Thank You All

Superwisor is in the final stages of production… Hélène and I, as Principal Investigators, would like to thank the numerous contributors. It has been quite a marathon and we thank you all for your time, efforts, discussions, and laughs…. We have received the invaluable contributions of:

  • Alexia AUDEMAR (GEM) and Noor Eddin AMER (MIT), game designers. They have been managing the overall project, technical issues, playtests, etc.
  • Julie LE HELLARD (Pôle Supérieur Design) for the logo, visual identity and trailer of the game.
  • GEM Doctoral School: Marcos Barros, Claire Bourgeton, Isabelle de Menou, Nadège Friess, Caroline Gauthier, Stella Lishman, Michelle Mielly, Amanda Pettica-Harris, Michel Polski, Tiphaine Rocipon, Pierre-Yves Sanséau, Jie Yan, who actively supported the project and participated in many feedback loops,
  • GEM Faculty and doctoral researchers: Amira Baha Aldeen , Philip Benson, Raffi Chammassian, Benedicte Deryckere, Ronald Dyer, Cynthia Jabour, Stacey Malek, Vincent Mangematin, Tobore Oru, Peter Riddell, Deborah Robbe, Franck Rouault, Charles-Clemens Rüling, Mark Smith, Kristin Sund, Xavier Tanazacq, Olivier Trendel, Sean White, who participated to the co-design process, shared their expertise, experiences, feedback, and anecdotes
  • Students of the executive Masters in Human Resource Management who designed the first prototype of the game during their serious game boot camp week
  • Participants in the playtests: visitors and players of the Playground Serious Games Lab in May-June-July 2017, Raissa Pershina, participants of the EFMD Doctoral Conference held in Grenoble, May 8-10, 2017; and particularly Nadine Burquel, Konstantina Kougiannou, Eline Loux, Jean-Alexis Spitz who co-designed the game with us.

It has been a great pleasure to develop this serious game with you, and we are looking forward the next steps!

Warmest regards,

Hélène and Valérie

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